Two new videos: first a small loveletter to my homeland, Mecklenburg. And second, a small Build-Video for Shelves that I put into my kitchen and that make my life just that little bit more organized and better.

Loveletter to Mecklenburg

Very stable Shelves for my 3D-Printer

Making Furniture stronger! - with homemade Wire Rope Tensioning

A while ago I made some workbenches which I documented in an older video and they work pretty well. However, they are a little bit wobbly along the longer axis. For that reason I wanted to make them stronger and use some wire rope tensioning for that, but not use ready made parts that can be bought for this (Turnbuckles etc.). It worked surprisingly well, the workbenches are now much more stable.


My garage/workshop is now a good place to work already. However, after a couple of hours of working in there my feet start to hurt, which is why I build something to sit on in a fitting design to the workbenches. It might or might not as well be true that I only know this style and couldn't build something else due to my lack of experience :).

Industrial Design: Stool for the Workshop

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