Ideas to improve the Calendar (in German only) | Visiting Vesikko: Tour through a World War 2 Submarine

Two new videos. First I tried doing a explainatory/educational video, explaining Ideas to improve the Calendar (in German only). I think it went pretty well, but it doesn't seem to interest many people :). The second video is from my visit to Helsinki, where the Vesikko is standing, a submarine of the Finnish Navy from World War 2, whose story is tightly connected to Germany.


Two new videos: first a small loveletter to my homeland, Mecklenburg. And second, a small Build-Video for Shelves that I put into my kitchen and that make my life just that little bit more organized and better.

Loveletter to Mecklenburg

Very stable Shelves for my 3D-Printer

Making Furniture stronger! - with homemade Wire Rope Tensioning

A while ago I made some workbenches which I documented in an older video and they work pretty well. However, they are a little bit wobbly along the longer axis. For that reason I wanted to make them stronger and use some wire rope tensioning for that, but not use ready made parts that can be bought for this (Turnbuckles etc.). It worked surprisingly well, the workbenches are now much more stable.

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